Журнал Viche 2013 №9

№9, 2013

The university science – is an important factor of the innovative development of the state

The National technical university “KPI”, without waxing too poetic, is one of the leading scientific-education complexes of the higher education system of Ukraine. The combination of the education and scientific activities provided it with significant achievements in the training of the engineering staff, and in the scientific researches. During the 127-year history the university keeps the high rating and the dominant position among the higher education institutes of Ukraine, and it is widely known in the world. 40 scientific schools of the physics of thin films, electric drive, nitrogen synthesis, heat-and-mass transfer and energy saving, ceramic and composition materials, industrial and medical electronics, information technologies, control systems, fat technologies, problems of fossil fuels, turbomachinery, tank machinery, high technologies of metal working, internal combustion engines, mechanics, physics of high voltages, researches of the earth ionosphere and others, known in Ukraine and far beyond its borders are developing fruitful. The achievements of each of listed scientific schools are primarily related to high technologies in the respective fields.