Viche 2013 9

9, 2013

Attention! Germinating ... by the referendum

The final accord of the winter symphony, which finally ended, was quite loud: the cyclone, which brought millions of tons of anomalous, as for spring, snow on the heads of Ukrainians, rolled across the territory of Ukraine. Government officials, who in early March quite optimistic said about the harvest of the winter crops in 2013, already in the first days of April had to make more restrained forecasts. However, abnormal weather conditions did not affect the germination of the culture, which was sown last year in early November: the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the sixth convocation adopted the Law On national referendum, which caused a mixed reaction of the scientists, the public and politicians. While adopting this scandalous document, the public attention was focused on the election of composition of a new parliament. But now, in the spring, when seeds thrown into the ground begin to come down and it is possible to estimate the first scions, they have begun to talk about the prohibition of realization of the power to the nation by the proposed way mentioned by the law.