Viche 2013 9

9, 2013

Belorussia is without stereotypes

Viktor TIKHONOV left the post of the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine in the Republic of Belarus with concrete results: at short term - a year and three months it was managed to increase the trade flow between two countries to a record amount - from 5 to 8 billion dollars. In December 2012 he left the diplomatic service by opting for the work in the Verkhovnaya Rada in the majority constituency 113 of Luhansk region his candidacy was supported by 60 percent of the voters. Viktor Tikhonov said that from the very beginning it was agreed with the President Viktor Yanukovych about a quick return. However, it didnt underplay the target to raise the relations between the neighboring countries to the highest level, to remove all political moments that caused strain in relations, and also to lay the groundwork for productive cooperation in the future.
The family remained in Ukraine, denied no less important factor - against the further residence abroad.
Though, as far as there were no relatives nearby, it became possible to devote more time to work - jokes Viktor Mykolayovych. The Ambassador's residence located in the same building with the embassy. Put on a tie, went down from the fourth to the second floor - and you're already at work.
In the interview to Viche the member of the Parliament of Ukraine shared his brightest impressions about the host country. We started the conversation from already mentioned 8 billion dollars of the trade turnover and the prescription of such achievement.