Журнал Viche 2006 №20

№20, 2006

"Revelations" of mister Bush

Some analysts can not explain why American leader George Bush has confessed in something that it would be better to keep a secret. He remained silent about it, but suddenly...

On September, 6, concurrently with the approval of new rules of conducting interrogations, Bush admitted the existence of secret prisons of the CIA. He said that 14 prisoners suspected in terrorism were sent to the American base Guantanamo, Cuba. American president during his TV appeal notified that there are no more prisoners left in the prisons of the CIA. He also added: when the accused people stopped to testify CIA agents, with the arrangement with the Department of Justice applied "alternative procedures" to them. He did not explain which procedures in particular, but he added that these procedures probably prevented new acts of terrorism in the USA.

Serhiy DOYKO