Viche 2013 9

9, 2013

Teodor Rezvoy: My dream is to overcome three oceans by boat

The famous Ukrainian traveler-extreme sports lover Teodor REZVOY is going to cross the Indian Ocean by boat. He has already crossed the Atlantic Ocean: Rezvoy crossed it by boat Odessa in 2001. In August 2005 the darer tried to conquer also the Indian Ocean and to swim to the port of Diego-Suarez of the island of Madagascar. However the shoulder injury kept from implementing the plan. And here is another attempt. Now our hero intends to get the job done. To do this he has to go by boat 10 000 kilometers.
I will start in late May or early June from australian Heraldton Teodor Rezvoy shared his plans with readers of the parliamentary magazine Viche. The trip according to my calculations will last about three months. I plan to finish in the Kenyan port Mombasa.
Now the traveler consumes his all energies on searching of sponsors. In order to realize a dream, he needs not less than 100 000 U.S. dollars.