Журнал Viche 2006 №20

№20, 2006

What is geopolitics?

Geopolitics is a science which defines country's strategic direction. It is very important for the development of a citizens' political culture. Taking political decisions is impossible without taking into account a geopolitical stratification of foreign policy and foreign-economic priorities of the countries of the world which appear as large geopolitical poles like the USA, Russia, Germany, Japan, China and others. Generally the authority structures in the most of the countries pay much attention to the geopolitical problems. Unfortunately, we can not say the same about our political institutions, at least until now.

"Geopolitics" - so called a new book, this time textbook of the known authors: a doctor of historical sciences Andriy Kudryachenko, doctors of philosophy Feliks Rudych and Volodymyr Khramov. The authors successfully examine a geopolitical field of Ukraine: coordinates, challenges and the possibilities of a successful development. They also place high emphasis on the problems of interrelation between geopolitics, war and the economics. They analyze interrelations of these constituents not only in the retrospective but in the modern conditions of the postbipolar world.

Hryhoriy RUDYI