Viche 2013 7

7, 2013

So that Odessa coast wont become a zone of ecological disaster

The election campaign of the parliament member of Ukraine from the 136th majority constituency of Odessa, and now the member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on the rule of law and justice Gennadiy Trukhanov (faction of the Regions Party), was held under the slogan Trust in deeds. People of South Palmyra remember a lot of good deeds of Gennadiy Leonidovych, such as, due to his long-term active work Suvorov District of Odessa has changed for the better. Crimean Boulevard was reconstructed, Luzanivska embankment, dozens of roads and passages between the quarters were repaired, the monument to the legendary Russian commander Oleksandr Suvorov was also unveiled.