Журнал Viche 2013 №7

№7, 2013

Reform of the state registration of rights, accounting and technical inventory of real estate properties requires settlement by law

If I was asked about a few points, that were recently being exploited by Ukrainian politicum, especially during election times, and, unfortunately, did not have any proofs in practice, I would tell statements about the legal and social nature of the state and decentralization of the public authority and strengthening of the local self-government. In fact there are completely opposite processes: collapse of the all social gains of the previous periods, the role of law as a major regulator of legal relations is being offset, instead of this the executive determines itself the scopes and limits of their own competence with the help of the bylaws. Besides, the local government, from the administration of which key authorities in the sphere of regulation of the land relations, planning of territorial development, building, are being excluded to the benefit of the centralized state formations, is being diminished in every way; core principles of legal, organizational and financial independence of this relatively autonomous unit of the public authority are being totally violated.