Viche 2013 7

7, 2013

Health Reform: a view from Volyn

Yesterday at half past five in the evening it was not quiet at the Palace of Culture of the city Lutsk. The hall, which can hold for more than 400 people, was jammed to the rafters, those who were late had to stand in the aisles. At the beginning first men of high positions were verbally fighting for the right to manage the event, then they tried to find out why there were not enough voting cards in the hall, and to create the counting commission and, finally, a little bit tired audience began to listen an emotional speeches which lasted for several hours. The sound was broadcast through the acoustic system that probably was brought from the local stadium and they forgot to turn down the volume. It is noteworthy that even in such hot atmosphere courteous people of Lutsk express their discontent with one of the speakers not by shouting or hub-hub, but by applause that instantly throw out the next speaker. The event ended with a flourish - by adopting a resolution (for - 264 people, against - 56), the baffled audience suddenly got to know that in addition to the main issue they voted for passing no confidence motion against the local mayor.