Viche 2013 5

5, 2013

President of Ukraine Viktor YANUKOVYCH: Without reforms we will not meet competition in the world

At the press-conference on March, 1, the head of the state stressed that for a long time the implementation of reforms was put on hold because of the unstable political situation in the country.

- We started to put the rights, and we have to go this way. All this is very difficult, but we have no choice. When they did nothing (the previous management of the country. - Ed.), everybody kept silent. We started to make reforms -mad criticism began. I feel and understand that we need to accelerate. The State program of the economy activation, which has been developed by the government according to my instructions, should  respond to request of the society- said Viktor Yanukovych.

The president noted that Ukraine strived to develop effective mechanisms of cooperation with the EU and the Customs Union. The special attention he paid to the issue of modernization of the strategic industries of the economy, especially to the mining complex. He also confirmed that amendments to the State budget will be done according to the results of the first quarter. Over a billion UAH will be directed additionally for the development of the regions.

The head of the state told about the new social initiatives announced by him at the ministerial session on February 27. The increase of support of the needy families, who bring up children, was put into the first place. Within two years 85 percent of preschool children will be provided with a place in pre-schools. 2,5 million children will have the possibility to go to the different hobby groups, sections, creation development centers. Regional and national summer schools for gifted children will operate on an ongoing basis. Moreover, 70 percent of playgrounds in schools and kindergartens will be upgraded in 2013-2014.