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Viche 2013 5

5, 2013

Sociology of Law as a factor of the improvement of law-state building in Ukraine

The task of sociology of law is the explanation and prediction of variations of the law action, its role and effectiveness, ways of appearing and means of solving legal issues in society. Sociological studies of law are made ​​on the basis of complex interdisciplinary approach to solving urgent problems of the society, of the law and the state.

The law force, its effectiveness indicate the available array of the legislation that gives an opportunity to form a clear view of the possibility of authority regulators use in this environment, the society and the state.

The effectiveness of the legislation is a correspondent consistency and the quality of laws. The modern interpretation of the legislation effectiveness is being associated with the environment of the law force. It refers to the interaction of many components - the state of the economy, the political regime, the quality of the legislation, the effectiveness of legal institutions operation (spheres of the functional loads of the sociology of law). If these factors interact fruitfully, then a certain legal environment forms that determines the legality of the activities of a nation, state and individual.