Журнал Viche 2013 №5

№5, 2013

Reform of local self-government is called to give an impetus to the creativity of the societies

Most representatives of local public authorities, leaders of associations of public authorities, experts and specialists-practicians assert unanimously that critical mass of problems accumulated in local self-government can “explode” any time.

Tendency to the concentration of plenary powers in the ministries and departments at the central level is a main obstacle on the way of introduction of proper governmental management.

Thus most territorial societies in rural locality are not able to execute their own plenary powers. Governmental granting of 5419 local budgets is over 70%, 483 territorial societies are supported by 90% at the expense of the state budget. Within 5 years we will have a situation when the state budget by 70% will finance the settlement of local problems. Most societies with the population up to 500 people do not have budgetary establishments which render services to the population. Accordingly the services are either unavailable or of poor quality. The crisis of the municipal infrastructure deepens; there are threats of man-made catastrophes at the heating and sewage systems. In the system it is possible to observe more clearly: ineffective management and inappropriate use of funds, property and other local resources; absence of norms of public services and methodology of determination of their cost.

Oleksandr KACHNYI