Журнал Viche 2013 №5

№5, 2013

His soul is in aviation, and his happiness is in Ukraine

No a single magazine page will be needed for the list of all achievements, official ranks, titles and rewards of this man. His name is well known in the world aviation circles because it is related with the biggest in the world sky truck.
Let me introduce deputy of Kyiv Regional Council Oleksandr HALUNENKO.

Oleksandr entered the history of world aviation as a commander of a crew and a leading pilot-tester of airplane An-225 “Dream” constructed at O. Antonov Design Bureau. He was the first to heave up a superliner in the sky, and after the complete cycle of flying tests he demonstrated it at numerous air shows, glorifying Motherland, strengthening the authority and world confession of Ukraine.

And after 234 world records had been made on “Dream” (during one flight — 110, and during the second – 124) his name was brought to the Guinness Book of Records...