Журнал Viche 2013 №5

№5, 2013

Petro MUSIYENKO: “I know how to revive a village”

A bit more than two years ago Petro Musiyenko was elected as a head of Volodarsk district council of Kyiv region.
He is convinced that rural problems can be settled by creation of unions of proprietors of the land plots.

– This idea was once given by M. Ptashnyk, a deputy of regional council, – says Petro. It is extraordinarily valuable, essential and effective. In our district such unions have already been created in some villages. They control whether the land resources are used rationally and whether the interests of proprietors of land plots are protected. In fact, the villagers frequently come to the deputies with a request to help to halt a delay with salary payment, rent payment for land plots and property, and also to remove other violations of rights of the proprietors of property shares, misusing of the offices by the leaders of enterprises, failure to observe the land legislation, delay with issuing state acts on earth, etc. Main reason for which these situations appear is that a head of economy, leaseholder feels like an individual owner in a village, as if he is a tsar. And a rural head depends on him because a village council is cap in hand before this economy.