Viche 2013 5

5, 2013

Ambulance is laid up, and the health resorts are being shared

In Crimea all stations of emergency medical service, and, in particular, the one in Yalta, should be united under the wing of republican Emergency Medical Center it is said to be a requirement of the Law of Ukraine On Emergency Medical Service. But in practice such optimization will just complicate the procedure of getting help by the habitants of Yalta. In fact, the house of the station has been passed to the balance of Alupka City Hospital. Moreover, the labour collective of Yalta Emergency Medical Service Station objected against the order of acting city chairman Serhiy Ilasha regarding dismissal of chief medical officer of the station Olga Snegiryova who refused to accept the property of Alupka Emergency Medical Service Station to the balance for the reason that the medical equipment and cars were out-of-service.