Журнал Viche 2013 №5

№5, 2013

The wolves walk around the threats

In Stetsivka village, which is in Zvenygorod district of Cherkasy region, a she-wolf with four babies was seen already in summer. The animals were not satisfied with the food at a dump, at nights they hunted domestic animals and poultry. Afterwards the wolf attacked at day-time a woman from the village. The woman even struck it with a gate in a fence and chased away with screaming. But the animal returned and bit a goat to death simply in her yard. The woman could not do anything.

Hunting a wolf, though, that is control over the abundance, should be clearly monitored. Neither to eliminate them nor to protect them fanatically is good.

Some European countries stopped issuing permissions for hunting wolves, but they defined certain areas where there are too many wolves and it is expedient to shoot off them there. At the same time, say, Swedish farmers and townspeople – the defenders of nature remain irreconcilable opponents in relation to the fate of wolfish coveys.

According to the Berne Convention, around 2500 wolves live in Romania, around 2000 - in Spain and Greece, 900 – in Latvia, 700 – in Poland, 300 – in Portugal. In Crete there are around 150 wolves on the whole, and they are protected during the whole year. In Estonia, the USA and Canada the protection is partial.

A wolf is in the international Red Book, the European Red List, and national Red Books. And only in our country this animal is killed and trapped with gladness, round-ups and shooting from VIP-helicopters are organized. Not long time ago it was allowed to kill pregnant she-wolves and wolf-cubs even. Some doctors, though, even diagnose pathology in the lovers of such entertainments.