Viche 2013 5

5, 2013

Social partnership: the owner - the habitants

The agency of regional development of Kamyanka-Buzkyi district takes care of the societies of Dobrotvor and Starodobrotvor
By the decisions of the sessions of Dobrotvor settlement and Starodobrotvor rural councils the social partnership between the societies and agency of regional development of Kamyanka-Buzkyi district of Lviv region was founded. The purposes are as follows: support of entrepreneurship development, employment of the population, increase of receipts to the local budgets, protection of rights and interests of regional business entities, close collaboration in the settlement of domestic and financial issues with the public authorities, attracting investments, etc.
The agency of regional development of Kamyanka-Buzkyi district is headed be executive director Iryna NIKITINA habitant of Dobrotvora, teacher, economist, manager who got necessary professional skills in the best agencies of Ukraine.

Iryna, could you tell us about the cooperation between local councils and the agency.

Creation and activity of our public organization would not be possible unless heads of Dobrotvor and Starodobrotvor local councils Roman Nikolayev and Mykhaylo Khimka did not help. The management board of Donetsk Fuel and Energy Complex (DFEC) the business of Rinat Akhmetov, who privatized most domestic energy companies, assisted us as well. Among our first successful projects there is a support in development of Social Partnership Strategy between DFEC company and Dobrotvor settlement; investment passport of the settlement, projects dedicated to the introduction of energy saving technologies, founding of School of public leadership (trainings on entrepreneurship), developing the connecting with Lviv educational fund and further joint work on the common project of 2013 Volunteer practical work at Vasyl Petrakh youth center of Dobrotvor settlement, cooperation with the Economic Development Division, with Kamyanka-Buzkyi regional state administration and the Employment Center, etc.