Viche 2013 3

3, 2013

National deputy of Ukraine Anatoliy BLYZNYUK: We should tell people the truth about the housing maintenance and utilities board

Anatoliy Blyznyuk has been occupying the position of Minister of regional development, building and housing maintenance board for one and a half year. During this time he has been dealing with not only small financing of the budgetary programs on housing maintenance and utilities board reforms but also with soviet mentality of both users and mangers of local government.
In the interview for Viche Anatoliy BLYZNYUK, the 15th number of electoral roll of Party of Regions, explains convincingly: only the introduction of market relations will settle the problems in the maintenance system, because neither the increase of tariffs on services of the housing maintenance and utilities board nor financing of the state will provide sufficient investments in the public utility companies.

The state has 1 billion square meters of habitation, among which 470 million square meters are multistory apartment houses. 21 million people live in private houses. They do not ask the states when they have to do repair or change a roof. And if something happens in their habitation, all claims will be addressed to the owner. And when something happens in a multistory apartment house everyone addresses to the state. People, why the state?! 97.5 percent of habitation in Ukraine is privatized!

But we have not conquered the communist ideology yet, and that is why we act against the completion of privatization. And this delay will result in that shabby houses will begin to crash.

So what should be done?

The multistory apartment houses together with the building surrounding ground should be passed to the citizens, and the state has to take part in the first major repairs after privatization.

Presently it turns out that the taxes of different levels are paid by the owners of both private houses and apartments. But all funds received from the owners are given in behalf of those who live in multistory apartment houses. What constitutional equality can we talk about?! We pay equally. Consequently, we have to use these services equally. So far there is no understanding of this logic.