Журнал Viche 2013 №3

№3, 2013

On the path of innovation development

On January, 27, 2013 the National Academy of Security Service of Ukraine marked the 21th anniversary of its establishment

By the indefatigable work the staff of the National Academy of Security Service of Ukraine proves that walks up to date in all areas of its activity, meets the leading trends of the development of higher education, in the new practical conditions focuses on the actual requirements of the department. The education of the Ukrainian security service is steadily moving towards the modern standards of the innovative development, using the latest information technologies, becoming dynamical, more qualitative, more efficient, and cadets, audience and students of the country’s only multidisciplinary special military higher education institute of the counter-intelligence direction, paves the way to the heights of professionalism. Honorable service of the most successful graduates of the Academy serves as example for their worthy followers among the current generation of students that are able to make a real contribution to strengthening the national security of Ukraine.