Viche 2013 3

3, 2013

The Donetsk Law Institute: 20 years on the grounds of the higher education of Ukraine

Science is a clear knowledge of the truth, lightbulb moment, pure joy of life, praise of youth and old age; support, builder of cities, regiments, fortress of success in a misery, but in a happiness is an embellishment, everywhere faithful and inseparable companion- wrote about Russian science the scientist Mykhaylo Lomonosov. Only one, who wants to learn, achieves good results. Science in conjunction with the practice and experience of predecessors is the key to career and personal development. The best traditions of the national and world science, continuous bond of generations, high ideals of spirituality, the possibility of solidifying of the learned and self-realization in the scientific, sporting or creative areas became the basis for training of the police personnel in the Donetsk Law Institute MIA of Ukraine.