Журнал Viche 2006 №20

№20, 2006

Leader acknowledged by opponents

Serhiy Melnyk, Khmelnytskyi city chairman, is not a novice at government, in his time he has worked in the city administration for seven years: in the beginning as the inspector of revenue, then as the head of this organization department, and afterwards as the vice-chairman of the town. Electing the economist with a twenty-year experience (one third of these years were spent at public service, including his work in the Cabinet of Ministers) a city chairman, townspeople have a hope that exactly he among all 24 candidates for mayoralty will succeed in enriching a city treasury and reasonable disposing of it. You know this is the city, where a few tens of various markets function and where new-erected buildings increase with unbelievable speed, but generally speaking, unfortunately, it suffers from poverty and has many other social disorders unsettled within years.