Viche 2013 1

1, 2013

20th anniversary of united Europe. Results of improvements

Striving to organize the work of economies which were destroyed during the Second World War, and to improve social and demographic indices of the European states, the leadership of the countries of the continent decided to unite some branches of economy, which later passed into the process of transferring more quantity of the management functions to the over national level (deepening) and increasing the number of integration participants (expansion). Afterwards a new development turn of the European communities, which would realize the creation of economic (common foreign economic policy, common market of services, material goods, capital and labor), monetary (the introduction of the unitary currency - Euro) and political (common foreign policy) alliance, was fixed in the updated document - the Treaty on European Union (signed in Maastricht on February 7, 1992), which entered into force on November, 1, and in fact it was put into practice on January 1, 1993.