Журнал Viche 2013 №1

№1, 2013

Does Ukrainian civilization exist?

The problems of the civilization comprehension of historical and ethnologic processes all more become interesting to the Ukrainian humanitarians and political sciences. It is well-known that on the territory of modern Ukraine there was one of the oldest world civilizations related to the formation of Indo-European culture which acquisitions and traditions were inherited by Ukrainians and many other nations of the world. Since our state became independent the methodology of Ukrainian historiography, ethnopolitology and other spheres of humanitarian knowledge have been noticeably changed. It showed itself, above all things, in a gradual transition from the structural to the civilization interpretation of the historical process. It provides a way to create more integral knowledge about Ukraine and Ukrainian culture as a constituent of the European and world civilization, to pay more attention to the view-cultural and spiritual aspects, and not only to social, economic and political ones.