Журнал Viche 2013 №1

№1, 2013

Paton’ stitch in the operating room

Among the innovations in the modern medicine the technologies of the electric welding of the living tissues get more recognition in Ukraine and worldwide, developed in the Institute of electric welding of E.O. Paton National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. These truly life-giving technologies dynamically entered into the practice of many surgical clinics and centers of our country. They are used in a wide range of surgical procedures, giving the possibility with the help of high-frequency current to make a junction, an autopsy, stopping the bleeding and other thermal processing of living tissues.
To give a professional assessment to the progressive electric welding surgery and to outline the prospects of its expansion and development we asked the academician of the National Academy of medical sciences of Ukraine, the chief surgeon of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, professor Petro FOMIN.