Журнал Viche 2013 №1

№1, 2013

Let’s create and love Ukrainian!

The unique getting up of the sense of love to Ukrainian was caused in publics by the collection of ethno clothes created by Petro Nesterenko-Lan'ka, which he showed during the Lviv week of fashion. More than a thousand audience was giving a standing ovation to Hutsul team which was walking on the podium. Power of positive emotions, as though eruption of fire of creation spirit, appeared when the great old-world coloured gamut of patterns from kosivskyi ceramics was transforming into universal collection of clothes. And the milk rivers of wool began to flow, yellow flowers lighted up the emerald necklace of Carpathian herbs and forests. All this treasure of beauty and harmony was lifted on an unattainable height by the sounds of Hutsul trembita. It happens so when an artist reaches a true success in his creative work, that is the wave of joy appears and covers everybody and all around.