Viche 2013 1

1, 2013

Valentyn Znoba a person of the world

His sculptures live in 15 countries of Europe and America
Remembering sculptural compositions of Valentyn Znoba, his numerous portrait works, you involuntary share a well-aimed idea of someone from wise: Real work of art is when there is nothing superfluous on it, except for the art. During over 50 year creative life the prominent maestro has been unreservedly devoted to his mission, working inspiredly in the sphere of monumental sculpture, portrait plastic arts, and deserved a high confession on his Motherland and beyond its boundaries. National artist of Ukraine, laureate of Shevchenko National Award, honoured citizen of Kyiv, current member of four academies These are only separate titles. And the gallery of his works is boundless. He has as though confirmed the postulate of Michelangelo: A sculptor has to leave behind himself the countless shelves with statues.