Viche 2012 22

22, 2012

Civil society is under the conditions of the system of values transformation: between democratization and dehumanization (by the example of animal protection realities of Ukraine and the European Union)

In Ukraine the present problem (as though, practically in all post totalitarian countries) of mutual relations between the civil society structures and the state, which sometimes acquire counterproductive character and outgrows in opposition, still requires analysis and comprehension. The point is not in that, or not only in that, for the years since the moment new independent countries appeared in the political map of Europe, the civil society structures have not been developed to some civilized or democratic level there yet, - eventually, the level of development is a criterion which is not only conditional but also, to a great extent, hypothetical, possibly even to say mythological. The problem is rather in the different valued orientation of the subjects of co-operation and proper differences of strategies of settlement of this or other problem.