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Viche 2012 22

22, 2012

Administrative and legal bases for the co-operation between the courts and the organs of local self-government in the context of following the European standards

The constitution of Ukraine (Part 1 of Art. 3) proclaims: Person, his|her life and health, honour and dignity, inviolability and safety are acknowledged to be the greatest social value. Assertion and providing of basic human rights and freedoms is a main obligation of the state, is said in Part 2 of the same article [1]. Legal protection of the constitutional rights and freedoms of a person and citizen is one of legal guarantees of their protection. The role of the court in the field of ensuring human rights and freedoms is well determined in the labours of I. Turkin, marking that the court becomes a main protector of rights and legal interests of a person and citizen, including the spheres of protection of the rights and freedoms, education, culture, drive for the security and safety. The democratic society cannot refuse anyone to legally protect his|her rights and legal interests, in particular, in the field of relationships between a person and the state, protecting from illegal actions and self-will from the side of public servants [2, p. 6]. Judicial power, in the opinion of S. Prylutskyi, has to perform the function of a mediator in the disputes between the participants of public life, and is to be an effective enough mean of reconciliation and settlement of social conflicts [3, p. 197].