Журнал Viche 2012 №21

№21, 2012

Decentralization of power is a way to the people’s rule

Public self-governing association — Ukrainian association of district and regional councils — is 20 years old. On this occasion in the settlement of a city type Chornomorske of Odesa region the gathering of the authorized representatives of local councils from all regions of the state took place.
The gathering estimated through the prism of present requirements the achievements and miscalculations in the activity of the association, expressed a disturbance regarding the postponing of terms of power decentralization and subsequent completion of administrative-territorial reform, incuriosity of the state in strengthening of the financial capability of the self-governing societies.
The participants of the gathering considered the package of organizational issues, adopted amendments and additions to the organization charter of the association, confirmed the main management board and internal audit committee.

We have a chance to have a democratic system of regions management

Serhiy Chernov, president of the Ukrainian association of district and region councils, head of Kharkiv regional council 

We can be taught by neighbors as well

Mykhaylo KRYVKO, first deputy heady of Rivne regional council

Ready to launch pilot projects of reforms

Stepan NESHNYK, deputy head of Vinnytsya regional council

Score twice before you cut once

Vasyl OSADCHYI, deputy head of Khmelnytsk regional council