Viche 2006 18

18, 2006

People, faces, past and intentions

We represent you the national deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the fifth convocation

Who is that ambassador, there in the capital, in eminent cabinets, that during the work at the articles and paragraphs of laws, remembers about an elector who entrusted his own and state life to him? The phrase about a country that is to know its heroes by sight is to the point here as never before.

There are now 449 national deputies in the Verkhovna Rada. Unusual figure. And lets examine it closely: is it according to the Constitution? Shouldnt there be 450? Sometimes even 449 people wait for one, if this one is Leonid Chernovetskyi, of course. According to the decision of the CEC (Central Election Committee) the term, during which Chernovetskyi has to be determined with the place of permanent work the office in the capital city administration or in the Verkhovna Rada, is prolonged till December.

Everything passes, certainly. We remember it as nobody else. And it can be unusual for the reader to see some people among the national deputies who actively started working in the structures of executive power. However we should not be surprised, lets remember the antiquated disease of the Ukrainian government that is pluralism. Till September, 4, on the eve of beginning of work of the second session, while this issue of Viche was making into pages, according to the letter and comma of the law, all of them were the national deputies, leaders of factions and committees. So lets keep to the decrees of normative acts. One still can not guess the freaks of fate, even the most credible. For example, who will take up a post of a vice-chairman - an arm-chair to the left side of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada? Whom will the parliament empower to be Ombudsman? Whom will it entrust the Account chamber?..

On the pages of the periodical the numbers of telephones and addresses of committees, where the national deputies work, are given. Probably, such elementary information will some day turn out to be the most useful. Because still the profession of a regular visitor to Pechersk hill is of day-to-day existence.