Журнал Viche 2012 №20

№20, 2012

Informative and communicative competence of citizens in the processes of the civil society formation

It is known that the information awareness of a man and the society development is inevitable by its nature and ontology. Cognition of the outward things and himself by a man happens through the perception of the true to life reality and understanding of his own role in the life of the society, as in fact he can normally think for a long time only on condition of the continuous informative socializing with the outer world. According to the forecasts, the volumes of the information processing will swiftly grow in the future with perceptibly influence on the society, and the industry of the data processing facilities will become almost the most significant industry in the XXI century. And Ukraine has to occupy one of the leading places there. Information connection with the outer world which stimulates the brainwork is as necessary as a meal or heat, or even as the presence of power potentials on which all vital functions of a man depend. Such growth will not be limited to the scopes of industry, trade, but will pass to the government agencies, state administration and many other spheres of activity of the society.

Oleksandr SOSNIN