Журнал Viche 2012 №19

№19, 2012

Libel draft law: cancelled or postponed?

At the plenary meeting on the 2nd of October no final decision regarding the draft law on criminal responsibility for slander was made. It is not clear now whether the national deputies will do it by the present cadence or will “pass the baton” to the new members of the legislative body. We would like to remind that the Verkhovna Rada did not withdraw the document from consideration, and only cancelled the decision about the acceptance of the project prepared by Vitaliy Zhuravskyi in the first reading. In the view of opposition, it means that the draft law at any moment can be taken for consideration at the parliament and voted. But the Chairman of the Regulation Committee Volodymyr Makeyenko estimated such statements only as “an attempt of plugging on the claimed theme”.