Viche 2012 19

19, 2012

Reforms. Like a music to someones ears

It is not strange that politicians are the biggest optimists. Impossible is possible for them, there is only one step from the idea of any overcomplicated reform to its implementation, alluring prospects are always available, delivery is free of charge. It is the reality of the majority of election programs.

Rating of the party only approaches to a zero, and there are as many ambitions and plans as a respected political force with a serious experience in the major league of the Ukrainian policy may have. It should be noted that the populist initiatives are also actively brought in by present folk deputies who plan to follow the majority. As the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Lytvyn marked at the opening of the eleventh session some of them try to work out problems in a separate settlement, like: to lay on water supply or take away the garbage. These are solid tasks for the members of the parliament, indeed. More typical is a settlement of such local issues in association with the created by the candidate personalized charity fund.