Viche 2012 19

19, 2012

Course for joining global efforts

Today we are experiencing the period of unprecedented changes. Unfortunately, in the world, especially from the point of view of the global crisis, the tendencies for economic growth stagnation, poverty increasing and social inequality, instability strengthening in certain countries and regions are becoming intensified. Obviously, the effective counteraction of these threats is only possible through the joint efforts of the international community- stated the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, speaking at the plenary meeting of the 67th session of the General Assembly of the UN on September, 26, 2012. According to him, the increasing of the effectiveness of the international cooperation on defense and law enforcement agencies, developing of the best practices on counteraction of new challenges and threats, introduction of reliable confidence enhancing measures are considering the most relevant. So Ukraine fully supports the five-year action plan of the United Nations, represented by the Secretary General Mr. Gi-Moon, considering its priorities as a roadmap of the UN activities in the near term prospect.