Журнал Viche 2012 №19

№19, 2012

Cultural and ideological principles of the national model of constitutionalism

Constitutionalism formed on the basis of the European political and legal culture for over two centuries ago has presently become a generally civilized acquisition, disclosing common features in the countries of all continents. However, historical fate of the nation, features of its mentality, available political and legal traditions, status of the nation and its state system stipulate the originality of the national models of constitutionalism. Determining basic factors and features of the constitutionalism as an ideology, political movement and form of the state management in the periods of activation of constitutional process becomes of current importance, as long as the question is about the principles of the political and public system and fate of the nation. The method of attempts and errors, which already became traditional in the national constitutional process, has to be replaced by the scientific approach which will allow producing methodological principles for the formation and realization of the Basic Law of the country.