Журнал Viche 2012 №19

№19, 2012

Patriarch Josef Slipyi: religious morality and soviet criminal law *

The 120th anniversary from the birthday of Patriarch Y. Slipyi outlines distinctly the time of the greatest service of the known clerical of the Church of Christ on the whole, and to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (hereinafter - the UGCC), in particular. The anniversary date thematically united regional and state significance of this unordinary event. Lviv Regional Council and Regional State Administration accepted the decision (on December, 20, 2011) and order (on February, 10, 2012) to make the year 2012 be commemorated to Y. Slipyi, and this year on March, 22 the proper decision was accepted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

* Book review: Serhiychuk V. Patriarch Josef Slipyi in the documents of the Soviet State Security Authorities.1939–1987: 2 volumes. – Kyiv: PC Serhiychuk M.I., 2012.