Viche 2012 19

19, 2012

Donetsk law institute of the Ministry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The translation of the phrase Nihil volitum quin praecognitum from Latin means There is no desire without knowledge. This classic high education formula combines two things that define the strategy of the more than fifty year development of Donetsk law institute of the Ministry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Here is the conversation about the formation of the qualitative, general-theoretical and special knowledge, practical abilities and skills which are being identified by urgent necessities concerned with building of the law enforcement system of the young Ukrainian state, challenges of our complicated day. There is also a spirit education of the common cause service, devotion to chosen difficult way of law and order protection, patriotism and readiness to defend their country, respectful attitude towards traditions of courage and victory, cherished by persistent hard work of several generations of Donetsk law enforcing securities. The pledge of the forming of the future law enforcement securities is only in the unity of these two directions - knowledge and spirituality.