Журнал Viche 2006 №18

№18, 2006


Notion, discourse, practice

The main criterion of political leadership is the efficacy of its action, effectiveness, satisfaction of inquiries and interests of that community which sees own prospect in its existence.

The evolution of political leadership is always connected with attempt to state about oneself, to enter the political system, in other words to formalize, to broaden the acquired status and to supplement it with leadership.It is necessary to define the correlation of notions "leader" and "director". Their identity is denied by common sense. In action there are many supervising posts which do not require a special leadership qualities from heads.

The public need in renewal of political and economic structures requires a healthy cultural and moral basis. The first indicator of a sick society are an immoral acts and actions of political elite.

Today in Ukraine a nation-wide system of political leadership is being formed. It has to be based on obtained political (socio-cultural) experience of all prior epochs, every of which has enriched the political history of fatherland. The change of matter and the functions of political leadership/direction of its model is determined by the dynamics of social conversions and a specific historical situation. The further development of Ukraine (and not only in the political field) by and large depends on building of an adequate system of political leadership, which on a modern stage would suit the urgent needs of Ukrainian society.