Журнал Viche 2006 №18

№18, 2006

In contrast to elite joint-stock club and the monarch

Political parties and the President: the ways of cooperation

Nowadays we may observe the growth of political parties importance and role. It's naturally because they have the monopoly on the formation of all representative bodies and through the representation in the parliament - access to the formation of central bodies of executive power.Functions of the President in political system, even after the constitutional changes are powerful enough: he still has the personnel levers of influence on an executive branch of authority, lawmaking and other functions.The President's legitimacy is still high, he is selected by nation-wide election. While the Prime-minister is elected by the majority made of fractions of political parties. In one's time Polish president Olkeksandr Kvasnevs'kyi noticed: "President, elected on public election can't be "a formal president", like in Germany or in Czech Republic. The president has to be a factor that equalizes parliament and government and has to influence on the political life" [4, p. 263].Therefore taking into account the place that president's institution occupies and parties in new political and law conditions of Ukraine, it is of fundamental importance how fundamentals of their cooperation are formed.

Volodymyr KAFARS'KYI