Viche 2012 19

19, 2012

Film Renaissance

Myroslav SLABOSHPYTSKIY: The more films will be done, than probably at least one of them will be successful

World-known thanks to numerous political vicissitudes, various sporting achievements or Eurovision, Ukraine has finally declared itself as a significant player in the field of socially qualitative social significant filmography, winning the second place at the 65th anniversary film festival in the swiss town Locarno (August, 1-11, 2012). The producer Myroslav SLABOSHPYTSKIY brought at home Silver Leopard, by presenting to Europeans the short-length film Nuclear waste - the chamber story about a man and a woman who work in the 30-kilometer exclusion zone. How did the idea of this film appear and what exactly helped it to gain the high international recognition, Viches editorial staff asked the author of the tape.