Viche 2012 17

17, 2012

Asian strategy. The economics which was built on geopolitical priorities

The rapid development of the Asia-Pacific region attracts the attention of the economists and political scientists for a long time, because now the APR is the unique conglomerate of states rather heterogeneous from the point of view of economic, cultural, historical and political development. Geographically it includes the world's largest economies (the USA, Japan, China) along with such countries as Laos, Myanmar or Papua New Guinea, which are traditionally considered as the poorest countries in the world. But because of most of the world's trade routes run through the region and just here there is a concentration of the vast production capacity, mineral resources and strategic raw materials, and also here the larger part of the earth population lives, the economic potential of the Asia-Pacific region states is consistently increasing, which is respectively enhancing their influence within the international arena. So the chairmanship of Russia in frames of forum called Asia-Pacific economic cooperation (APEC) in 2012, is primarily called to facilitate smoothly embedding of the country in the system of economic relations in the APR in the interests of modernization and innovative development of the national economy, first of all in the regions of Siberia and Far East .