Viche 2012 17

17, 2012

Joint future of EU. Greek factor

Realizing during over half a century one goal creation of the integration formation with features of the beyond nationality, and passing almost the all stages of this complicated way, the EU management faced a rather difficult choice: to give up on present achievements and further expansion of the political union within the EU or to survive euro, strengthening the unity of the organization by mutual concessions and implementation of the efficient economic policy? In fact, the second variant is most appropriate for the group leaders - Germany and France, as well as for the other countries of the so-called old Europe, which are trying to keep the external economic benefits that today put the euro on one same level with the other currencies of the world trade calculations, even made it dependent on the fluctuations of U.S. dollar and Japanese yen. However, number of states and even some representatives of the international financial institutions - donors after three years of struggle begin to fail the positions, hesitating whether to save the united Europe.