Viche 2012 17

17, 2012

Informative and legal space: formation and development issues, analysis of positive and negative influences on the legal consciousness of the society and personality

It has been informed recently that the President of Ukraine ordered to prepare the project of Strategy of the informative society development. Therefore we will try to analyse problematic issues which appear in this sphere today.

Terminology and concepts related to the social networks, cyberspace, and virtual reality occupy a main place not only in our life they are gradually investigated, analysed and fixed in the scientific doctrine. Such category as the information space is not an exception. However, in our view, the informative space in the conventional usage is a combined category which unites quite different constituents or different and more specified spaces. I think there is no need to prove that cultural and political, economic and legal factors are incorporated in the informative space.

The subject being examined is the informative legal space.