Viche 2012 17

17, 2012

Language law: time will set the record straight

Law 5029-VI On the Principles of the state language policy, which was adopted in the second reading by 248 deputies of Ukraine, has not only entered into force, but also has become a resonant component of the public life. The fighting between elected representatives of the people, mass actions, protests, hunger strikes have not been forgotten... All this, becoming the past, is sounding again and again at the present time. Pessimists immediately have grounded arms, democrats, who have not united and for a moment to shooting, are seeking new arguments for their justification, and incorrigible optimists hope that cherished nation will say its word. Maybe so, but when passions were flaming it said nothing - either reasonably, or indifferently, or through habit. Passions are still raging, but the situation has changed and now only time will be able to set the record straight.

More than once during heated dispute at a high level the Director of the Institute of Literature of Taras Shevchenko National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Mykola ZHULYNSKIY stated his clear position. Today it remains the same:

 - The most difficult is to prove the obvious. It is too difficult to reassure that white is white and black is still black. When there is a substitution of concepts, neither verified scientific arguments nor common sense will help. We tried to use any opportunity for the positive way out from the threatening situation.