Журнал Viche 2012 №17

№17, 2012

We need more… self-government

If to take a look at the map, we see that Kharkiv region rounds with a peculiar arc, like a horseshoe, a regional center from the south-west. The administrative center of the region is located there as well. The region occupies the area of 1.4 thousand square kilometers; the length is more than 130 kilometers. In the north there is a 50 km state boundary with the Russian Federation.
There are 106 settlements and 50 schools in the region. The population is about 186 thousand people. But such situation is in winter. And in the summer period, when the farmsteads, dachas, camps and recreation centers, which are located on the territory of the region, are visited by the habitants of a metropolitan cities, the population of the region increases to 250 thousand people. At the beginning of our conversation such original business card of the region was presented by 35 year old chairman of the Kharkiv region council Mykhaylo TRETYAK from memory without a glance to any reference book.

Vitaliy BULAT