Журнал Viche 2012 №17

№17, 2012

Priority is given to the social initiatives of the President

Kherson region is a region of mysterious burial mounds, ancient cities-policies and the Cossack settlements. It is a cradle of the black Sea Navy of the Russian Empire, main strong point of expansion of Russia against the Ottoman Empire, a region of valorous acts and glorious victories of generalissimo Oleksandr Suvorov and admiral Paul Jones (national hero of the USA). Exactly here the governor of the region Greek Ivan Kalageorgi, French Emmanuel Saint-Priest, Swede August Komstadius, German Volodymyr Pestel found their fate and became the patriots of the region.
Such known people as Prince Tavriyskiy Hryhoriy Potyomkin; orthodox saint, great naval commander and admiral Fedir Ushakov, famous writers Dmytro Yavornytskyi, Oles Honchar, Mykola Kulish, Heroes of the Soviet Union Dmytro Hrydasov, Leonid Viner, Illya Kulyk, Mykola Tanskiy, pilot-cosmonaut Vitaliy Zholobov and the lives and activities of many other prominent people are connected with Kherson region.
The head of Kherson Regional State Administration Mykola KOSTYAK tells about the development and present achievements of the region in the interview to our correspondent.