Журнал Viche 2012 №17

№17, 2012

Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University is a modern education and research center

History of becoming and development of Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University starts in January, 1940, when a teacher training institute was being prepared to the opening in Stanislav town (presently it is Ivano-Frankivsk), where the studies already began on the 1st of March. After Ukraine was proclaimed independent there were more favourable terms for education and science integration. On August, 26, 1992 Ivano-Frankivsk Pedagogical College was reorganized to Vasyl Stefanyk PreCarpathian National University. By that time the establishment, according to its scientific potential, already occupied one of main places in the educational sphere of Western Ukraine. In 2004 the university was granted with the status “national”. It was a notable event for the university.