Журнал Viche 2006 №18

№18, 2006

To make the house a destiny

Anatoliy Petrovs'kyi belongs to such kind of people whom journalists do not ask about their possible occupation in case of another life circumstances. Because it's impossible to imagine him anyone ecxept builder, maybe he feels the same: he hasn't chosen this profession by accident but with full comprehension and for all life. The same as people choose their destiny.

After graduating from Kam'yanets' Podil's'kyi technical school he was sent to the capital, where he worked on objects of the Central Kyiv construction organization. He passed a path from worker to the head of building office, at the same time he studied. Not only in the Kyiv building institute but in a real school of life, where the daily responsibility, where you have to maintain good relations with different and sometimes casual people, who came on building site on short terms just to stay in the capital city.Today there is no casual people in Anatoliy Francovych's collective: building and transport company "INAP and K" – contains several hundred professionals, and not only director-general considers them to be such.