Viche 2012 15

15, 2012

Sporting fairy show in the capital of the world

Finally after long seven years of preparation on July 27, 2012 in the UK the XXX Olympic Games, which are the third for the country (after 1908 and 1948), have already started. Now, according to the local media, London has become the capital of the world, where guests are being treated as family members who have come from a distance and who should be shown as much beautiful places as possible. Indeed, only the opening ceremony at the Olympic stadium was watched by 80 000 people, among them there was the British Queen Elizabeth II and tens or even hundreds of other celebrities. 10 490 athletes from over 200 countries will participate in the games, among them almost half are women, approximately nine billion pounds from the state budget have been spent on the organization of Games by the British authorities. According to the opinion polls, 55% of Britons believe that Games-2012 will be a positive achievement for the whole country. Most (59%) of 2017 respondents across the whole territory of Great Britain are tend to think that taxpayers have paid too much for the Games, but also 53% of them believe that the money has not been spent in vain.