Журнал Viche 2012 №15

№15, 2012

Strategy of the land reform in Ukraine is to provide national safety, supremacy of rights and freedoms of citizens

Article 3 of the Constitutions of Ukraine fixed the greatest requirement: “A human being, his life and health, honour and dignity, inviolability and safety are acknowledged to the greatest social value in Ukraine”. This article of the Constitution in combination with the requirements of articles 13 and 14 of the Basic Law, fixed in accordance with the regulations of the Declaration On State Sovereignty of Ukraine, became the basis for the legal principles of all social reforms, including a land one. Accordingly the strategy of reformation of the land relations in Ukraine, taking into account historical acquisitions of people and constitutional requirements, lies in the efficiency of the legal adjusting of the land relations which are the inalienable constituent of the national safety of Ukraine.

Oleksandr KOTSUBA, Ruslana KOTSUBA